Bharat hospital


Bringing together all the resources, expertise and capabilities just to serve you better.

General Surgery & SICU

With the aim of serving you the best, we are focused to take care of you from smallest surgery to extensive procedure operation.

General medicine & MICU

From advising patients to treating illness, our general physicians are here to handle all your worries.

Cat Lab/ICCU

Ablation, angioplasty, angiogram and various other facilities is available under one roof.


Our finest orthopedic doctors are available for all your injuries regarding musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases and so on.


Laparoscopic Surgery

With the use of latest technologies and techniques we effective and efficient surgical care with minimal scarring and faster recovery times.


Team of professionals and special physical methods just for you to restore mobility, functionality and to lower the risks of your injury.


highly experienced surgeons with well-equipped urology department to treat urinary tract infection, tumors, among many other things.

Pediatrics and NICU

We understand that newborns require special care and attention, which is why we have a specialized neonatal intensive care unit for little ones.


Our experienced gynecologists and nurses are dedicated to providing personalized care to women of all ages.


Our experienced neurologists work closely with other specialists to ensure comprehensive care for patients with complex neurological conditions.


We offer a range of diagnostic and treatment services, including audiology, allergy testing, endoscopic sinus surgery, and cochlear implantation.

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